One of the goals of Original Organics Photography is to connect people with things they encounter everyday in an authentic yet new angle that aims to inspire and connect — such as food.  Sure, I feature a more unattainable mountain view from time to time, but most of what I do is meant to capture and share stories that empower the “average folk.”

In the summer of 2010, I traveled for 8 weeks on a self-designed learning journey, which I affectionately deemed my “Tour de Farms.”  On this journey, I worked, lived, and learned from a variety of farm and education centers on the east coast.  During this time, I found a world where my passion for sustainable food and agriculture could meet my interests and talents as a photographer.  This wonderful experience coupled with a seed grant I was awarded from the Midwest Regional Collaborative for Sustainability Education, which enabled me to purchase my first nice camera, have led me forward in the pursuit of photography.

I have been documenting the landscape of sustainable food ever since.  I do this to shed light on how beautiful life as a farmer can be, despite the tough work and road blocks that many experience.  I also hope to make this often seemingly elite and unattainable concept of eating healthy, organic food more accessible and desirable for all.

I focus my lens on the possibilities available to connect people with the most intimate relationship they have: the one with their food.




I like a lot of things.  Sometimes in my head I refer to myself as a “Renaissance Woman,” but with this I mean I like to do a lot – not that I am an expert at a lot 🙂

I define myself using a number of terms: writer, yogi, educator, photographer, creative, dreamer, jewelry maker, blogger – to name a few.

To explore these various definitions of me, I invite you to visit me in the following places:


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